Manufactory until today

Excellent manufacturing combined with tradition and modernity.

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Lovingly manufactured lamps

Bolichwerke luminaires are manufactured with great care - with the same quality of workmanship as in the early days of the manufactory. Known from the Wilhelminian era to Bauhaus to the present day, our luminaires are characterised by an almost unlimited variety of types, surfaces and sizes. This enables us to provide an exceptionally wide range of stylish mounting alternatives for every luminaire.


Nostalgic flair of handmade lights

Much of our work is still carried out by hand using traditional tools and moulds. The metal sheets are pressed, rolled and flanged into light reflectors on lathes with a great deal of strength, experience and skill - a technique that is almost extinct today. All lights are then surface-finished by hand in our Odenheim factory.

It goes without saying that our electrical components are based on the latest safety standards.


Craftsmanship combined with new design

In addition to our classics from the EBOLICHT and 50 series, which are manufactured with the corresponding material compositions, we are also interested in developing new luminaires. With FORM B, Bolichwerke has succeeded in convincingly continuing the company's own design history based on traditional manufacturing processes. The result is a new, completely unique look that also appeals to a reduced yet expressive taste.

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No progress without tradition

With a mixture of passion and pragmatism, we create design classics every day using traditional manufacturing methods. And we are proud of what we create with our hands every day.


Our collections

Three collections represent the Bolichwerke - EBOLICHT, 50 and FORM B. They were all designed at the Bolichwerke during the respective period and follow the same claim: high-quality manufacturing for luminaires with character. The handcrafted production makes each luminaire unique. You can see and, above all, feel this.