Special lamp designs

The individual manufacture of customised luminaires is one of our strengths - from the first sketch to the prototype to the finished product. 

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Customised work according to customer requirements

Have you designed a customised lighting solution for a lighting project? We will be happy to advise you on the choice of materials and light sources as well as on all technical issues. This means that your development can quickly take shape in an initial prototype. 

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Quality right from the start

We produce round reflectors, covers, rings and canopies of all kinds in your desired design in our own spinning shop. Products made from selected materials such as steel, copper, brass and aluminium are possible. Even the necessary spinning moulds made of steel, plastic or beech wood are produced to a high standard in our factory.


With strength and skill to create an unmistakable one-off

Even smaller series can be produced, as all work processes are carried out directly in our factory by our experienced specialists. In the end, you will receive your lights pre-assembled and ready for connection in your desired design.


Each process leads to its own design

Let us inspire you and accompany the development of your unique piece step by step. It is important to us that every detail is realised with you in mind.

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