An eventful history

The history of Bolichwerke has moved between tradition and progress from the very beginning.




Eugen Bolich, born in 1882 in Odenheim in Baden, founds the company Bolich & Neuhäusel in his wife's home town of Offenbach am Main in Hesse. The focus is on the manufacture of reflectors as well as electrical and lighting products.





The company Bolich & Neuhäusel is renamed Bolichwerke, Lichttechnische Fabrik on 27 December.



Eugen Bolich builds a factory for the manufacture of "lights of all kinds" in his home town Odenheim.



The combination of the manufacture of reflectors and fitting housings with the company's own enamelling plant is successful.


Relocation of Bolichwerke Offenbach to Bruchsal on 30 June. The Columbus factory located there is acquired. Additional production focus is the manufacture of irons, heaters, heating suns and heating cookers.


Second World War and post-war period

Partial forced conversion of production to the manufacture of armaments. After the end of the war, the focus is on the manufacture of functional lights and reflectors of all kinds.


The company founder Eugen Bolich dies in an accident on the night of 22 to 23 January. There are no direct descendants. Within the community of heirs, 50 per cent of the company is held by the Bolich family. As a result, the Columbus plant in Bruchsal is sold.

Anton Bolich, the brother of the company founder, now living in Neuhausen auf den Fildern, takes over the Bolichwerke in Odenheim as heir and transforms it into a family limited company. His aim is to preserve the jobs in Odenheim.



The company passes into the ownership of Anton Bolich's four children Karl, Kurt, Elisabeth and Erich as well as his two grandchildren Gudrun and Ludwig, children of his 5th son Ludwig, who died in the war. Karl Bolich, the eldest son, takes over the technical management of the factory, Erich Bolich, the youngest, the commercial management.



After the death of co-owner Karl Bolich, the company shares are transferred to his son Erich Bolich, Neuhausen. Erich Bolich, Odenheim, now also takes over the technical management of Bolichwerke.


Enamelling is increasingly being replaced by modern paint spraying technology.



Business economist Günther Bolich, the only son of Erich Bolich, Odenheim, takes over the commercial division at the age of 25.



After the childless co-owner Kurt Bolich had already cancelled his shareholding in 1966, his sister Elisabeth and the two siblings Gudrun and Ludwig, representatives of the next generation, also left the family business.



Erich Bolich, Odenheim, dies at the age of 67. His share in the company is transferred to his son Günther.



Calm returns to the eventful history. The family business is - without bank liabilities - in the sole possession of Günther Bolich, Odenheim, as managing general partner and his cousin Erich Bolich, Neuhausen, as limited partner.


An environmentally friendly powder coating system with neutral cleaning is installed. An automatic punching press is purchased. Sheet metal processing machines are modernised.



The classic lamps manufactured by Bolichwerke since 1911 and dating back to the early days of the company are once again being given greater prominence under the name "Collection EBOLICHT" - a reminder of the company founder Eugen Bolich.


Bolichwerke is celebrating its 100th anniversary. 100 years characterised by tradition and progress. Always on the basis of high quality standards. This is the only way to explain why Bolichwerke luminaires have always had a reputation for exceptional durability. And not only in terms of craftsmanship, but also in terms of design. Bolichwerke will continue its traditional craftsmanship in the future and at the same time develop innovative products based on the latest lighting technologies.



Benjamin Bolich joins the company. He takes over the commercial management and supports his father Günther Bolich in the digitalisation of production processes.


Benjamin Bolich takes over the business shares and management in the fourth generation. The company is transformed into a limited company. His father Günther Bolich continues to support Bolichwerke in an advisory capacity.


The Bolichwerke today

We continue to produce quality lights in Baden-Württemberg with experienced employees. This will not change in the future. Only our appearance is more modern and the standard selection of the lighting programme has become larger.